A week in the Swedish outback in a canoe

Book your trip on your own desired dates. Price: Euro 495, including full camping package, canoe, maps, drop-off at start tour and pick-up, Swedish Stuga at basecamp

Adventure is waiting for you! After these unprecedented times of lock-downs due to the COVID-19 pandemic and living in a virtual world, it is time to get back to nature. We believe everybody needs to escape our modern society every now and then for moments of adventure, slowing-down and reflection. Our mission is to inspire people to get in touch with their primitive self. Paddling through untouched nature, spotting wildlife, making campfire, fishing, cooking on wood fire, making tea from pine needles and camping in the wild: you will be completely absorbed in the here-and-now. The overwhelming power of mother nature, clean air and physical exercise will bring you in a state of deep relaxation. Lose your mind and find your soul! 

Get an impression of the experience (English subs included)

Reviews from people who joined us before

"Never before have I been able to enjoy nature so intensely as during this amazing canoeing trip. Every day was a series of highlights like the magic morning dew on the lake of Fjällrämmen, the scent of pine trees and the color spectrum of the sun going down behind the trees on the hills. Never before have I felt more one with nature and myself. Even the most simple things like making a delicious fresh cup of coffee in the early morning will make you let go completely of the daily hassles back home. Next year I will go again!" -Peter, 2020


"An amazing tour to experience the superior beauty of Swedish nature. It overwhelmed me and made me feel like a tiny player in the big system of mother nature. It made me see the relativity of things (again) that dominate our daily lives back home and unnecessarily limit us. The experience gave me new ideas and insights that I will be able to build on for a long time" -Peter, 2019


"The tour was amazing! We felt so energized and full of joy. It made us playful, like when we were children." -Joris & Lotte, 2019


"This was my first experience with wildlife and I was surprised at home much I enjoyed being absorbed by the canoeing and camping. It gave me visions of Vikings and how adventurous it must have been for them to wander around looking for a good place to settle". -Marjan & Angelique, 2019

Our value proposition!

When you want to do a canoeing tour for the first time, it raises a lot of questions: where can I find a beautiful route? What kind of materials do I have to bring? What will the experience be like? When you google for 'canoeing trips'', most providers will offer you a packed bus-ride to Sweden and you will end up on a touristy lake with 50 other paddlers. Not exactly a wilderness experience...

Based on 10 years of experience we know what it takes to have the best nature experience: 

  1. We will relieve you from searching and preparing your trip: all you have to do, is get to Sweden to meet us and everything will be waiting for you. 
  2. We will arrange solid materials for you: a full-camping package (including sleeping gear). In addition, we will arrange drop-off with your gear at the start of the tour and pick-up at the end. 
  3. Professional video instructions about your materials, paddle technique, and wild camping tips at the start of the tour. 
  4. We will make sure you will have an amazing wilderness experience. No commercial tours with busy canoeing lakes, but true silence!

The tour, dates, prizes and package

Please email us for a personalized trip on your desired dates. We will arrange everything for you! All you have to do, is come to Sweden. We will arrange for you:

  • 5 day canoe tour through Swedish nature (including canoe, full camping package, sleeping gear) 
  • Drop-off with your gear at the start of the canoeing tour and pick-up at the end of the tour 
  • Instructions about your materials, paddling technique, wild camping and safety
  • Wild camping on the most idyllic spots 
  • Solitude: no group tour, you will paddle the tour at your own pace and wild camp by yourself on spots you choose
  • 5 days without a phone, tablet and watch (only for emergencies available) 
  • Adventure, rest, silence, clarity of mind and connection with the amazing nature around you 


Per participant, including canoe, full camping package, food package, drop-off and pick-up and instructions at the start of the tour: Euro 495,00 (including VAT)


For whom? 

This canoeing tour is suitable for people with normal health and normal fitness and a healthy dose of willpower. 



Sweden (Värmland / Dalarna) 


Getting to Sweden 

There is a number of options to get to Sweden: 

  • Airplane + rental car: flying to Stockholm or Gotenburg, car rental at airport (+/- 4 hour drive to base camp from airport)
  • Airplane + public transport: flying to Stockholm or Gotenburg, train and bus connection to base camp (+/- 6 hours traveling from airport to base camp) 
  • Car: drive to Sweden yourself


Here is an impression of the 5-day program:

  • Day 1, evening: welcome and instruction about the tour, materials and canoeing. Sleeping at basecamp in a Swedish Stuga. 
  • Dag 2: drop-off (morning), start 5-day canoeing tour, camping in the wild (by yourself or with your partner) 
  • Dag 3-5: canoeing tour, camping in the wild (by yourself or with your partner) 
  • Dag 6, end of day: pick-up, transport back to base-camp, fresh shower, goodbye drinks and sleeping in a Swedish Stuga. 
  • Day 7: end program and travel back home 

Over ons

Rik Duursma en Victor Kas zijn sinds hun studie psychologie gefascineerd door de primitieve mens in ons. Ze zijn gespecialiseerd in persoonlijke ontwikkeling en hebben samen talloze kanotochten gemaakt door Zweden en Noorwegen. Hun missie is mensen inspireren om in contact te komen met hun primitieve zelf.